People usually think of barns as cold winter homes for shivering cows, but they forget that the original purpose of a barn was to keep cattle and other livestock warm in the winter without having to bring them into the home where they would create dirt and destruction all over the place. Barns, with thick wood walls and insulation from haystacks and hay bales, actually stay quite warm in the winter, especially if they are structured in a modern way and heated with modern central heating technology. But if you don’t have any cattle, why would a barn be a useful home improvement project?

Well, as a longtime Minnesota resident, I’ve noticed that one of the biggest issues with being cooped up inside all winter is that you simply can’t get away from the rest of your family, which leads to friction and tension especially if you have a large family. Now, this isn’t a problem for me or my wife, but kids really seem to need some alone time away from everybody else, or time to hang out with their friends on their own especially as they get older, and a heated barn can be a great place for that. We also had a great tree service company (their website) come out and landscape around the barn we just had built. It looks fantastic, and I’m really glad that we hired a professional to plant the trees and make sure that the roots are deep and solid since we get a lot of strong winds around our area.