If you live in Minnesota, then you’re well aware that the home improvement projects you frequently see on the internet that look like a great project are often not quite as nice as advertised. An open porch with a grill and a picnic table may seem like a great idea for fun with family and friends, but in reality, you’ll only get a couple months of use out of it the whole year, and there’s nothing more depressing than seeing your hard built porch sitting under a blanket of snow. So what are some home improvement ideas that can work in a Minnesota environment?

One of the greatest home improvement ideas that many people never think about is a greenhouse. These are very easy to build if you have access to the supplies, and there are even many kits available to purchase on the internet. A heated greenhouse can allow you to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and berries all the year round, which can save you a lot of money at the grocery store, especially during the winter when fresh strawberries have to be flown in from Chile for you to buy – but you have your own delicious berries, and as many as you want.

Another option is an outdoor deck. There’s no feeling like grilling burgers and sipping beers on a classy wood deck. Some of them are low maintenance, so that means no staining. We found a great Minneapolis deck builder and they did an amazing job. We had friends over last week to celebrate, and they all commented how great the deck looked. We’re now going to add some deck furniture, but the first and best start was to find a quality deck contractor.