One thing that I have found that most people dramatically underrate when it comes to deciding which house they would like to live in most is the quality of life that having a porch adds to your life. There is simply nothing better than sitting out on the porch during the summer or even during a clear night in the winter – you can look at the stars, watch the wildlife, and just sit back and relax with a beer or two, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. That is, there’s no need to head down to the park when you have all the amenities of home right at hand.

And for all the jokes about unstable porches built by incompetent dads that collapse in a light breeze, it really is quite easy to build yourself a porch that’s both sturdy and resilient to the harsh and variable weather conditions of Minnesota. There are a couple different porch building techniques, but you’ll have to read some books to figure out which type of porch is best suited for you, which can depend on how your house is build and the type of ground on which you will be building the porch.