I have been living the pioneer homesteading lifestyle in Minnesota for quite some time, and one of the most important things that I have learned throughout the years is that you really need to make use of the summer months to work on and improve your home and any other buildings you may have on the property. Summer is the time to fix any leaks or holes or cracks that may have appeared in your house and home, as well as to add any features that will make your life easier in the coming winter like insulation or heated floors. If you live on a homestead, like I do, then you’ll also be aware that it can be hard to fit this kind of work in around your duties on the farms and in the gardens and with the animals, but this doesn’t have to mean that nothing ever gets done in terms of home improvement.

One relatively easy project that I did over the summer a couple years ago was to install heated floors in my kitchen – it’s relatively easy as long as you know the basics of floor construction and electrical wiring, and I’ve been very happy with the work.