Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Jim, and I wanted to write about one of my passions – home improvement.

As a longtime Minnesota resident, I have spent many summers working on a variety of different outdoor projects, from fountains to fireplaces and from barns to birdbaths, and many subsequent winters watching whatever I built fall apart in any manner of different way. I have had porches collapse and crack in sub zero temperatures, I have had other constructions simply blow over in high winds, and worst of all, whenever I build something out of stone, there is almost a certain chance that it will slowly over time start to sink into the muddy ground if I don’t provide a good enough foundation to keep it above ground.

Considering all this, there are some home improvement ideas that are almost foolproof. One easy way to make your home look and feel nicer is to work on your landscaping and trees around your house – many people think a well groomed grass lawn is all that a house needs today, but scientific research has shown that being able to see trees outside a hospital window improves the happiness and health of hospital patients, so why shouldn’t it be true for your house as well?

Stay tuned for more articles, and thanks again for reading!