Minnesota Outdoor Ideas for Enjoyment

Good Outdoor Home Improvement Ideas In Minnesota

Minnesota homes are gorgeous, and that is always nice for those who are going to be investing, but you also want to think about how you can increase the value of a property as the owner. What can you do that is going to vault it to another level and make it attractive in the eyes of those who might be looking to buy in?

I have seen so many properties that had a lot of potential not sell because the owner refused to take a look at improving the home from the outside.

I would be taking a look at all of the good outdoor home improvement ideas in Minnesota that are out and about because that is going to give the home a better chance of selling and is going to make it attractive as well, which is the point of going down this path.

I was at a conference and met the owner of Storm Group Siding, and we started talking about protecting your home. I realized that this should be priority number one. Funny how we fret about dressing up our homes and making them look nice, without putting the protection of that very home first. Defending against elements that can damage your home should be first, which is why his company stresses quality siding to protect against the harsh weather in Minnesota.

Another idea is insulation. That same company that does siding also does insulation, which makes sense. Quality insulation can bolster the defense against the bitter cold and wind that us Minnesotans experience every year. Why should anyone be going down a path where they are not able to work on the home? The one idea that I love is interlocking. It is an excellent way to clean up the outside of your home and do it in a neat manner that is going to work out and look nice.

Don’t Have a Porch? Build Youself One in Minnesota

One thing that I have found that most people dramatically underrate when it comes to deciding which house they would like to live in most is the quality of life that having a porch adds to your life. There is simply nothing better than sitting out on the porch during the summer or even during a clear night in the winter – you can look at the stars, watch the wildlife, and just sit back and relax with a beer or two, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. That is, there’s no need to head down to the park when you have all the amenities of home right at hand.

And for all the jokes about unstable porches built by incompetent dads that collapse in a light breeze, it really is quite easy to build yourself a porch that’s both sturdy and resilient to the harsh and variable weather conditions of Minnesota. There are a couple different porch building techniques, but you’ll have to read some books to figure out which type of porch is best suited for you, which can depend on how your house is build and the type of ground on which you will be building the porch.

A Pioneer’s Dream: Minnesota Home Improvement Ideas

I have been living the pioneer homesteading lifestyle in Minnesota for quite some time, and one of the most important things that I have learned throughout the years is that you really need to make use of the summer months to work on and improve your home and any other buildings you may have on the property. Summer is the time to fix any leaks or holes or cracks that may have appeared in your house and home, as well as to add any features that will make your life easier in the coming winter like insulation or heated floors. If you live on a homestead, like I do, then you’ll also be aware that it can be hard to fit this kind of work in around your duties on the farms and in the gardens and with the animals, but this doesn’t have to mean that nothing ever gets done in terms of home improvement.

One relatively easy project that I did over the summer a couple years ago was to install heated floors in my kitchen – it’s relatively easy as long as you know the basics of floor construction and electrical wiring, and I’ve been very happy with the work.

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As a longtime Minnesota resident, I have spent many summers working on a variety of different outdoor projects, from fountains to fireplaces and from barns to birdbaths, and many subsequent winters watching whatever I built fall apart in any manner of different way. I have had porches collapse and crack in sub zero temperatures, I have had other constructions simply blow over in high winds, and worst of all, whenever I build something out of stone, there is almost a certain chance that it will slowly over time start to sink into the muddy ground if I don’t provide a good enough foundation to keep it above ground.

Considering all this, there are some home improvement ideas that are almost foolproof. One easy way to make your home look and feel nicer is to work on your landscaping and trees around your house – many people think a well groomed grass lawn is all that a house needs today, but scientific research has shown that being able to see trees outside a hospital window improves the happiness and health of hospital patients, so why shouldn’t it be true for your house as well?

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